Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dartmouth Pow-wow 2012

This past weekend I spent at the 40th annual Dartmouth Mothers Day Pow-wow, which is special to me. Native people come from all over North America for this pow-wow and spent two beautiful sunny days drumming, singing, dancing and enjoying each others company after a long winter.
I make no bones about it I can't tell you what dance is being done in these images, and for me doesn't matter because I love the sights and sounds and experiences of the pow-wow. Being around native people is very inspiring to me. What matters to me is that you see the beauty of the Native American People and maybe next mothers day you might go and see for yourself.
The scent of sage filled the air along with the sights and sound of the pow-wow, I felt a connection to the Earthmother, the Sky and the Spirit of the pow wow .

All these images are just some of my impressions of the pow-wow which I hope do honor to the native people that I photographed and I thank all of them for the honor of allowing me to photograph them.

For me the weekend was a chance to try and create images that would show just how beautiful and creative native people are. The work that goes into there regalia must take years of work to create. I don't know really but I think the intensity of the colorful designs, the bead work and stitching make each person's effort a beautiful functional piece of art.
I also did some video but need to figure out how to edit video so I can process it ....someday maybe.

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Night Photography Workshop - Learn how to photograph at night

Join photographers Peter Manship and Bill Julbert for 4 nights of Night Photography Workshops.

These workshops are designed to teach you what you need to know in order to make great night images. Shooting at night in low-light is one more creative ways to express yourself imaginatively.You will learn how to work your camera manually for capturing long exposures in low light which is essential in making beautiful night photos.

All photography workshops in the Learning to Photograph at Night workshop will take place on unique locations that will focus on each nights lesson with instruction from Peter Manship and Bill Julbert. Who will be demonstrating and then working with each one of you teaching you as we go along. You be learn the basics of good night photography, then techniques like dragging the shutter, photographing the Full Moon , making star trail images and my favorite Light Painting. And a host of other valuable information and insights into creative night photography. Participants should expect to share some of their images as we go along for review and to inspire others as well, the goal is for everyone to enjoy each workshop and create great images as you learn


The Schedule looks like this, and may change in order to take advantage of the weather and light conditions:

April 20th the basis's we will be on location shooting as you learn 6:00 pm till about 10 / 10:30 pm this might be shorter one night and longer the next , time flies when your having fun.

April 27th Long exposure, light trails etc 6:00 pm till about 10 / 10:30 pm this might be shorter one night and longer the next , time flies when your having fun.

May 4th photographing the full moon and using the moonlight to create compelling image at night . 6:00 pm till about 10 / 10:30 pm this might be shorter one night and longer the next, time flies when your having fun.

May 11th Light Painting, an introduction to some light painting techniques, we will be using my lighting equipment for this workshop.but if you have a external camera flash (off camera) a good flashlight or spotlight bring them along with extra batteries for each. 6:00 pm till about 10 / 10:30 pm this could be shorter one night and longer, time flies when your having fun.

Locations for the each workshop will be sent to you after you have signed up for the workshops, everyone will receive detailed information about what you should bring with you to the workshop. We will be meeting at a central location then traveling to the nights shooting location. Car pooling will be work out at each meeting place, but is not necessary.
I hope you have enjoyed some of these night photos and that you're excited and inspired to join Bill and I for this series of workshops on night photography.There is more details about the workshop after the last image.

Equipment necessary for this workshop: digital SLR Camera, tripod and tethered cable release or remote shutter release. A full list of gear you will need will be sent to you upon registration.

Class size is limited to 12 plus a wait list in case of a cancellation

Tuition: for the complete 4 nights of workshops is $195. or $75. each date if you only want to do one or two of the workshops All major Credit Cards excepted

If you have to cancel a workshop, it must be done at least 7 days before the workshop starts for a full refund for that workshop. After that if we can fill your spot we will refund you 80% of the cost of that workshop.

If you have any Questions about the workshops or you have a question about your abilities to take this workshop by all means email me at:

petermanshipdesigns at gmail dot com

You can also contact me at : 802-228-5121 but email is the best

Thank for your interest

Peter Manship

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Night Photography Workshop " A Night at the Fair" coming in August

Here a few images for your inspiration. I would go to the fair and photograph. I had a great time doing this and am planning a late August to early Sept workshop that will focus on photographing "A Night at the Fair". If you have any interest in being part of this workshop you can contact me at 802-228-5216 or at :
peter manship designs at PMD is one word no spaces. Also I'am starting a mailing list for people that want to receive my newsletter every once in awhile.....about what I'm doing and up coming workshops etc.

This last image was one of my favorite for a long time but like everything it has been replaced by a group of images that represent one of those magic nights that happen when your out there pushing the edges of your abilities. I will be posting some of those images as we get closer to the date of that workshop.
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Peter Manship

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Images from the Tinmouth Fen by Peter Manship

I have been going into the Tinmouth Fen for many years and have grown to love it for the special place that it is. For a long time I have wanted to go into the fen to see the tamaracks as they change into their golden splendor and every year I miss the color change. So this year I was determined to get in there to see just what the Tinmouth Fen looks like in the fall. I hope these photos that I took will give you some idea of just how special the Tinmouth Fen is.

The image here don't begin to cover the whole Few in part because boots are necessary to get around the fen and there no guarantee that you wont get wet anyhow. Also the fen has a very vague border so I don't know where the Tinmouth Fen end and the Tinmouth Channel begins. The aquifer extends for miles, I once went in from the north end in a kayak. There was all kind of birds and animals going about their business and as the light begin to fade we had to leave. To this day I have know idea how far we managed to get before we had to turn around and head home, which is way I wanted to try it again some day. The channel has the feel of being in a wilderness when you are out in it, and not getting wet is not a option because you must carry your kayak over a few beaver dams as you paddle the channel.
In the spring and summer both the Tinmouth Channel and the Fen are full of wildlife, interesting plants and orchids. The fact that many first time state records for plants ,dragonfly and such have come out of the Tinmouth Fen speaks to how special this habitat is. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Dept has purchased the channel and some of the fen to protect it. But like all things the unprotected parts are being damaged and may not be protected before its to late.
Enough of that I went to try and photograph the fen and tamaracks as the sunset but was to late and as I made my way in the light was fading fast . I stopped to make a few images during the "Magic Blue Hour" using my flash to create some pleasing and interesting images.
These last two image are from the woods around the fen as the sun came up this morning and the fog burned off the light was beautiful for making images. The light coming through the tree had me sitting and watching this bright spot for the right moment.

Standing in a grove of tamaracks with all the light in the tops of the trees I used my 8mm fisheye
to create this super wide-angle image . The Tamaracks, the sky and colors were all chromatically balanced to help make this image work.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Peter Manship blogs, facebook etc

I created this blog to protect my name for future use by me, also to provide info about things that I am doing. Building a photo and card website is under way and a jewelry site is being worked on. You can find Peter Manship Designs on Facebook, or call 802-228-5216

email at: Peter Manship Designs at gmail dot com

Here is a photo of a country road in Reading Vermont that I took a week ago, showing the last foliage color of the Oak trees three to four weeks after the maple trees have lost there color. I love the warm tone colors of late falls just before stick season and the final on set of winter and the first snows.
If you want to see other images I have taken, go to "Peter Manship" on facebook where I will be posting image from time to time

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