Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dartmouth Pow-wow 2012

This past weekend I spent at the 40th annual Dartmouth Mothers Day Pow-wow, which is special to me. Native people come from all over North America for this pow-wow and spent two beautiful sunny days drumming, singing, dancing and enjoying each others company after a long winter.
I make no bones about it I can't tell you what dance is being done in these images, and for me doesn't matter because I love the sights and sounds and experiences of the pow-wow. Being around native people is very inspiring to me. What matters to me is that you see the beauty of the Native American People and maybe next mothers day you might go and see for yourself.
The scent of sage filled the air along with the sights and sound of the pow-wow, I felt a connection to the Earthmother, the Sky and the Spirit of the pow wow .

All these images are just some of my impressions of the pow-wow which I hope do honor to the native people that I photographed and I thank all of them for the honor of allowing me to photograph them.

For me the weekend was a chance to try and create images that would show just how beautiful and creative native people are. The work that goes into there regalia must take years of work to create. I don't know really but I think the intensity of the colorful designs, the bead work and stitching make each person's effort a beautiful functional piece of art.
I also did some video but need to figure out how to edit video so I can process it ....someday maybe.

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